We are fun, young and enthusiastic millennial motivated to create the best solution in logistics starting from trucking solution, one at a time.

Our History

Ritase.com started the operation back in early 2018 with 13 employees who worked in a small warehouse in Manggarai, Jakarta. Equipped with vision and mission to solve logistics challenge in Indonesia, ritase.com has grown fast and become the biggest logistics digital platform in Indonesia. We have connected dozens of enterprise shippers, hundreds of medium scale transporters, and thousand of truck drivers all over Indonesia.

Now ritase.com has become a 100+ employees company who shares the same mission and keep growing in order to develop the best logistics solution not only in Indonesia, but also in South East Asia.

Our Culture

  • Focus on Big Matters

  • Accept Weaknesses and Improve

  • Your Decision is Our Decision

  • Inspire Each Others

  • Decision based on Data

  • Customers are our high priority

Be part of the team

Be part of our growing team and work in a mission driven culture.
We accept people who shares the same culture.

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