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Ensuring Goods Are Delivered Safely and On Time

Trust to Ritase to meet the needs of food and beverage delivery at all times.

Food & Beverages Overview

Reflecting on human food needs, the food and beverage industry never stops. We understand we are in a situation and condition of having to deliver food and drinks quickly to the supermarket, pick up items at midnight then deliver them in the early hours of the morning. Supported by a network that operates at all times and an adequate fleet, Ritase Always ready to meet the needs of food and beverage delivery and other special items. Ritase Equipped with a reliable fleet of cold chains, dry vans, and refrigerators.

Ritase It offers a carrier combined with flexible capacity to maximize truck use.

Key Capabilities



“Lotte Indonesia has been greatly helped by Ritase, starting from the ease of ordering trucks and easy tracking to on time delivery times.”

Suyudi Yono
Warehouse & LogisticsLotte Indonesia

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